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December 25, 2013


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Beauty and the Beast

   As far back as he could remember, Jackson Overland Frost had always dreamed about the dance that he would share with ‘the one’.  He imagined what he and his dream lover would wear, the music that would be playing, and the person that he’d be dancing with, looking into his/her eyes as they held each other close.  He’d always believed that it would be one of the most romantic moments in his life.
 Unfortunately, the ACTUAL Guardians’ ball that he was attending was, so far, turning out to be NOTHING like his romantic daydreams that he’d visualized all the time that he’d been invisible… and it was all because of the GIRL that he’d chosen to accompany: none other than Elisa, the Spirit of Spring.
 Jack blamed himself.  When he’d first heard of an actual green-eyed, golden-haired, rosy-cheeked girl by the name of ‘Elisa’, and after meeting her, found out that she LIKED him, he was over the Moon with joy; he was loved!  That month had fled by gloriously, and when he had asked her to the annual Guardians’ Ball, she accepted.  It had seemed like a dream to Jack Frost as he opened the door for her and gave her a cup of punch.  They hadn’t danced yet, but they would, soon… or so he thought.  He’d excused himself for a few moments, and when he came back, he saw his dream rapidly turning into a full-blown Nightmare: Elisa, his date, his girlfriend, his sweetheart kissing SIR RAVENAUE, the tall, tan, blond-and-blue-eyed Spirit of Summer, hot and heavily as they both ran their hands over each other intimately.
 Elisa tried to defend herself, of course; she claimed that he had grabbed her, etc.  Jack couldn’t believe that she would be so… so- HEARTLESS; and that HE’D been so naïve.  All of her pretty words, and her lovely façade, he now realized were nothing but LIES, and had been from the beginning.  Heartbroken, he formed a snowball and threw it between Ravenaue’s legs.  He hardly heard the girl-like squeal over his own heavy breathing as he turned and ran out of Santoff Claussen.
 Tears scalded his pale face as he ran in the cool night air.  He felt humiliated, and was determined to get as far away from other people as possible.  Legs pumping, Jack ran faster and faster, until he was completely exhausted- physically and emotionally.  He sank down to the ground beside a pine tree in the small forest near Santoff Claussen, sobs shaking his body.  He pulled his knees up to his chest and buried his face into his hands.
 “Jack!” a worried voice called out.
 “Go AWAY, E-Elisa!” Jack sobbed, assuming it was his EX-girlfriend.  “I d-don’t want to talk… to you!”
 “Frostbite, where are ya?” The voice called out again, and this time, Jack could tell that it was definitely male, and accented to boot.  He looked up to see E. Aster Bunnymund walking towards him.  He was wearing a long satin coat almost the same emerald shade of his eyes, trimmed with gold.  Sandals were on his feet, and he wore light brown breeches; his only accessories were a pocket watch that hung on a chain from his coat pocket and gold-rimmed spectacles.
 “I’m over here, Bunny,” Jack said softly.  Bunny finally saw him and ran over as fast as he could.
 “I saw what happened,” Bunny said quietly, kneeling down beside his friend.  “Everyone did; the other Guardians are as mad as anythin’ on yer behalf- Pitch was verbally tearin’ into HER when I left to find ya.  Are ya okay, Jackie?”
 “Do I LOOK ‘okay’, Kangaroo?” Jack retorted.  He winced; he hadn’t meant to sound so harsh, but what did Bunny expect? Of COURSE he wasn’t ‘okay’.
 “Sorry,” Bunny flinched.  “That was a stupid question, Frostbite.”
 “No- I shouldn’t have snapped like that.  I’m sorry, Bunny, it’s just…”  Jack choked on the lump in his throat and blinked rapidly.
 “I know,” murmured Bunny.  “I know, Jackie; you don’t have to say anythin’ else if ya don’t want to.”  He walked over and sat down beside Jack, wrapping an arm around him and gently rubbing his shoulder.  “I really am sorry about tonight, Frostbite; I can’t believe what a gallah She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is.”
 Jack began to wipe his tears off his face.  “I guess I should have known better,” he said sadly.
 Bunny grimaced.  “Personally, I thought that she never deserved ya; somethin’ about her always seemed artificial to me.”
 “Why didn’t you ever say something, then?” asked Jack.
 The rabbit sighed and ran a paw down his face.  “Because you were so happy; it was like ya were glowin’ from the inside.  I couldn’t bear to douse that light, so I just told myself that I was bein’ silly.”
 Jack gave a small smile at that.  “Well… thanks anyway, Bunny.  So much for my romantic dreams, huh?”  Another tear trickled down his cheek.  “I’m starting to think that I’ll never find the one that I’m supposed to be with.”
 “Don’t say that, Snowflake,” said Bunny, gently brushing the tear away.  “You’ll find that person someday… someone who deserves the responsible, unselfish Guardian that ya are; and they’ll be the luckiest person on Earth to get to spend their days with ya.”
 Jack was stunned by the Pooka’s heart-felt words.  Then he smiled more warmly and hugged Bunny.  “Thank you, Bunny; I needed to hear that.”
 Bunny grinned back as he playfully nuzzled Jack and heard him laugh softly.  “Yer more than welcome, Jackie.”
 Just then, the beginnings of a slow, romantic song could be heard from the fortress in the distance.
 “Sounds like they’re starting a couples’ dance,” said Jack sadly.  “You’d probably better get back, Bunny; your date will want to dance with you.”
 “I came stag, Frostbite; and I’m not about to run off and leave ya out here all alone in the cold.”
 Jack smiled.  “Thanks, Cottontail.”  He looked over at the fortress longingly, and Bunny caught his eye.  He held out his paw toward the boy, and Jack took it, surprised.
 “Um… Bunny?  What are you doing?” he asked as the rabbit placed Jack’s other hand on his shoulder and then rested his paw on the sprite’s thin waist.
 “What does it look like, Jackie?” said Bunny playfully.  “I’m askin’ ya to dance.”
 Jack laughed, and said, “Yes.  You really are one of a kind, Bunnymund.”
 “Bloody right,” Bunny replied with a grin.  “Now, come here.”  Then, slowly, they began to dance.  “This isn’t so bad now, is it?” the rabbit gently teased Jack.
 “No- not at all.  It’s really…nice,” admitted Jack shyly.  In the distance, he could make out the words of the song playing back in the ballroom.

 Tale as old as time
 True as it can be
 Barely even friends,
 Then somebody bends

 Just a little change
 Small to say the least
 Both a little scared
 Neither one prepared
Beauty and the Beast

 As the song continued, Jack found Bunny unconsciously pulling him closer to him, until their faces were mere inches apart; Bunny’s whiskers tickling his cheek.  Jack swallowed and looked up at Bunny, where he felt himself being drawn into the depths of his friend’s emerald-green eyes.
 “This is… wonderful,” Jack managed to say.
 “Yeah,” Bunny breathed, “it is.”
 “You know,” Jack said quietly, “I never realized until now what I was missing; a lot of people would give anything to be where I am right now.”
 “What do ya mean?” Bunny asked.
 “Here, with you… in your arms,” Jack answered, his voice tight again.  “Looking into your eyes.”
 Bunny blushed under his grey fur, and his eyes shone with unspoken tenderness for the beaut’ in his arms.  Though he had never dared to say anything out loud, he had always really liked Jack Frost.  He’d tried to convince himself that his feelings weren’t what he thought they were; that the pulse-rush, head-reeling, and flush under his fur whenever the winter sprite was either around or mentioned were the opposite of love.  Now though, holding Jack tightly and looking into his bright blue eyes that sparkled like stars as they danced together, he knew EXACTLY what he was feeling for him… and Bunny felt his heart constrict painfully.
 “You okay, Bunny?”  Jack asked, noticing the pained expression on Bunny’s face that made his nose and whiskers twitch.
 “I don’t think I could be more so if I tried, Snowflake,” Bunny answered honestly.

 Ever just the same
 Ever a surprise
 Ever as before
 Ever just as sure
 As the sun will rise

 Tale as old as time
 Tune as old as song
 Bittersweet and strange
 Finding you can change
 Learning you were wrong

 They were so close to each other now that Bunny’s whiskers brushed against Jack’s cheeks, causing the boy to shiver.  Bunny reached over and brushed a lock of soft, snow-white hair out of Jack’s eyes.
 ‘He looks so beautiful- just like an angel…’ Bunny thought reverently.
 Jack noticed the way that Bunny was looking at him, and clearly saw the tender love reflected there in his eyes.  Never, in a million years, had he ever expected E. Aster Bunnymund –the EASTER BUNNY- to have such feelings for him; Jack Frost.  Even more unexpectedly, he found himself returning those feelings: dancing with Bunny, being held in the Pooka’s arms, feeling the softness of his fur and the warmth of his embrace.  Jack closed his eyes and let himself be carried away by all the sensations that swept over him.
 Shivering, his heart pounding in his chest, Bunny leaned in and gently brushed his lips against Jack’s.  He half expected Jack to jump back and ask him just WHAT he thought he was doing.  Instead, he felt Jack lean into the kiss as well, and his heart leapt into his throat.
 “Jack…?”  Bunny whispered, not daring to look away from the other.
 “It’s okay, Bunny,” Jack breathed.  “Please… kiss me?”  Bunny didn’t need to be asked twice.  He captured Jack’s lips in another kiss, this one deeper and more passionate.  Bunny slowly ran one of his paws up and down Jack’s side as they kissed and continued to sway to the distant music.

 Certain as the sun
 Rising in the east
 Tale as old as time
 Song as old rhyme
 Beauty and the Beast

 Tale as old as time
 Song as old as rhyme
 Beauty and- the Beast

 “Jack?”  Bunny whispered softly, as the song ended and their lips finally parted.
 “I’m here, Bunny,” Jack responded, struggling to find his breath.  “Did… did that really happen?”
 “I-I’m sorry, Frostbite,” stammered Bunny, now close to tears himself.  “I didn’t mean to…”  He started to pull away, but Jack held him in a firm, gentle grip.
 “Stop,” said Jack quietly.  “I kissed you too, Cottontail, remember?”
 Bunny flushed and laughed softly.  “It just… felt so right, Jackie.  I’ve never felt this way about ANY-one before.”
 “What are you saying, Kangaroo?” asked Jack.
 Bunny closed his eyes.  “I’m sayin’ that… I love ya, Jack Frost;  I haven’t ever loved anybody but you.”  He felt tears slipping down his own face, and then felt cool, thin hands gently wipe them away and stroke his ears and head.
 “You know that romantic dance that I always dreamt about when I was invisible, Bunny?” Jack asked.
 Bunny nodded.
 “What I just shared with you… was so much more than a dream; so much better in reality.”
 Bunny blinked back a last tear.  “Ya really mean that, Jackie?” he whispered.
 “What does THIS tell you, Kangaroo?” Jack replied.  Without another word, he pulled Bunny to him and kissed him soundly.
 “Crikey,” Bunny breathed, when they parted.
 Jack chuckled, then smiled tenderly at his rabbit.  “I love you, Aster,” he said softly.
 “I love ya, too, Snowflake,” Bunny responded with a gentle smile.
 “Would… you do something for me?” Jack asked quietly.
 “Anythin’, Frostbite,” replied Bunny, reaching to take Jack’s hands into his paws.  “Anythin’ at all fer ya.”
 “Dance with me again?” Jack whispered shyly.
 Bunny smiled lovingly.  “Anytime, Jackie,” he said sweetly.  He wrapped his arms around his mate and pulled him close again.  The music in the fortress had started up another slow tune, but the song that Bunny and Jack had danced to resounded in their heart and soul…

 Tale as old as time
 Tune as old as song
 Bittersweet and strange
 Finding you can change
 Learning you were wrong

 Certain as the sun
 Rising in the east
 Tale as old as time
 Song as old as rhyme
 Beauty and the Beast

 Tale as old as time
 Song as old as rhyme
 Beauty and the Beast

 Beauty and the… Beast

When I first heard of the ROTG pairing KangarooJack (E. Aster Bunnymund x Jack Frost) and then saw the movie, 'Beauty and the Beast' IMMEDIATELY *popped* into my mind whenever I saw the two interact; "Something There" is TOTALLY their theme song!!! When I found out that it WOULD have been canon (NOT Frostbite AKA Jack/Tooth; *whew*!), that confirmed it; next to Toothless and Hiccup from HTTYD, Bunny and Jack are THE 'Beauty and the Beast' of DreamWorks!!

NO flames, *nice* comments, and enjoy!

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AngelCasper Featured By Owner May 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
gasp Spongebob (Imagination) D'aww Misty 
Crossoverfan Featured By Owner May 10, 2014
(GRIN)!! Thanks!

Cool name, by the way; LOVE the 1995 movie 'Casper'!!! Along with the storyline (fresh new modern fairy-tale take on a gender-bent 'Cinderella' with hints of 'The Phantom of the Opera' [ha-ha-ha] and 'The Little Mermaid'), the characters of Casper/James/Kat/Amelia, the GORGEOUS set (*love* Whipstaff Manor), and the *beautiful* score, it's gotten my writer wheels turning like nobody's business!! At the moment I'm working on a Casper x Pinocchio version of Tim Burton's 'Corpse Bride' and an Enchanted!AU of gender-bent!Kat x Casper (I *suck* at het). Next, I'll probably do 'Legally Blonde'; not an AU per-say, but a storyline based on it.

(COUGH/BLUSH/SHEEPISH SMILE) TO quote our favorite Friendly Ghost, "He-he; sorry!" Didn't mean to ramble so much; I'm just glad to get another Comment on one of my works.  Faves are good, but Comments let me know how the others like it- y' know?
AngelCasper Featured By Owner May 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hehe no prob! Hope you do more!La la la la 
Crossoverfan Featured By Owner May 10, 2014
(GRIN)!! Oh, I will, AGCP...!

After I finish TreasuredWood 'CB' and 'Enchanted', I'll get to 'Legally Blonde'.
Here's the gist so far:  after the Halloween dance and kiss during Casper's Cinderella deal, he and Kat date for two years. One day, when Casper is about to propose, she breaks up with him saying that if she was going to be a senator (or a respectable person altogether), she needs to be with a human, not a ghost; she doesn't love him the same way he does- she barely even LIKES him.  This crushes Casper, who recalls what his Uncle Stretch said about fleshies AKA humans:  "They have a tendency to fool around with a ghost, make 'em think ya love 'em... then go off and marry the next skin-sack, someone to grow old and produce spawn with; not in that order, Short-Sheet." Kat leaves for boarding school, and Casper goes too unbeknownst to her- not to try and get her back, but to heal from his pain.
End-game couple:  Chris Carson from 'Casper: A Spirited Beginning' x Casper McFadden.
AngelCasper Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thats good :thumbsup: revamp :thumbsup: revamp  hehe caspers my namedOvOb 
Crossoverfan Featured By Owner May 11, 2014
(GRIN)!!! Glad you like my ideas; my family thinks I'm NUTS doing this crossover stuff; to quote our favorite kindly phantom, "Big fleshie deal!"

(JAWDROP/COUGH/BLINK/EYERUB)... *Wow*; do you mind if I use your username, though, so that I don't mix the two up?

(Were you named after you-know-who [and NO, I do *not* mean Voldemort]? You must get teased a lot for it...)
AngelCasper Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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(SMILE)!! Just curious, though; why DO you like/love them so much, AGCP (your initials, just so you know)?

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Good for you to ignore them!

(Would you mind if I added you as a friend?)
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EmotionalDreamer101 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014
Aww, Omg, that was so sweet :D I love this! this is really good.
Crossoverfan Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014
(SMILE)!!! Thanks a LOT- I mean, *c'mon*!! BunnyFrost and ToothCup are THE 'Beauty and the Beast' of DreamWorks (belief [no pun intended] strengthened by the *FACT* that these two pairings would have been CANON if not for people *outside* of DreamWorks hating that, and DreamWorks having to roll with that!!! *Unfair* or WHAT?? Oh, well- 'least we got fanfiction and Youtube- YAY!)!!
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